A Stroke of Luck

by Rich on 06/12/2011

in Religion

I’m not one who believes in karma, or much else for that matter, but goddamn is this a “payback’s a bitch” kind of moment…

The radio preacher who sparked an international media frenzy by predicting the end of the world last month has suffered a stroke. Harold Camping was rushed to hospital from his Alameda, California home on Thursday night.

The 89-year-old has survived the stroke – but there are fears that the gravelly, famous voice he used to make his predictions to millions around the world will never be the same.

And whose “fear” is this? The thousands of people he knowingly ripped off over the years who are broke (or at least financially hurting) now because of him? If this is a guy who’s always looking to the skies for a sign, maybe he should take this as a not-so-subtle hint to shut the fuck up already and pack it in.

At least we know that now he’ll be talking out of the side of his face instead of his ass. Hopefully, he’ll go for a nice, long drive and that will be the last we hear from Dr. Doomsday…