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Republican Tries to Avoid Becoming Another Santorum

by IanAugust 19, 2011

Florida Rep. Gaston Cantens (or, someone on his behalf) is currently undertaking a black hat SEO tactic to try and avoid becoming the next Rick Santorum. Given the very public Google-joke at Mr. Santorum’s expense, it’s not hard to see why. That would be a screenshot of the blogger area of the link buying service […]

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America’s Income Gap Makes the Third World Look Promising

by RichJuly 4, 2011

I hate to break up all that wonderful 4th of July patriotism with this one, but this is something your bank account has been telling you for decades… The gap between America’s rich and poor is so extreme levels of inequality are worse in the land of the free than they are in many developing […]

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It’s OK, NBC – Bellamy Also Forgot to Add “Under God”

by RichJune 21, 2011

So, as the whole country (and apparently all of Twitter) knows by now, NBC left out the “under god” line in the Pledge of Allegiance in the ridiculously self-indulgent, patriotic jerkfest of an opening montage for the U.S. Open. I have no idea what soldiers and children reciting the pledge have to do with tennis, […]

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Corbett’s Heavy Lifting

by RichMay 13, 2011

Via Go Lackawanna: Gov. Tom Corbett will undergo back surgery for treatment of spinal stenosis on Monday morning, May 16, at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. During the time when the governor is under general anesthesia, Lt. Gov. James Cawley will be “acting governor,’’ in accordance with articles of the state constitution, until Corbett is […]

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I Am Utterly Unsurprised

by IanFebruary 6, 2011

From the new York Times… The wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, who has raised her political profile in the last year through her outspoken conservative activism, is rebranding herself as a lobbyist and self-appointed “ambassador to the Tea Party movement.” Virginia Thomas, the justice’s wife, said on, a Web site for her new political […]

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Weekend TEA Party & Red State Reading

by IanOctober 23, 2010

As I sit here ding my normal reading rounds for the weekend, I came across two articles that I wanted to share. The first touches on a topic that I’ve been meaning to do a post on since I stumbled upon Fuck The South again a few weeks backs. While the entire thing is worth […]

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