Defrocked: Any Given Palm Sunday

by Rich on 03/28/2010

in Defrocked

It’s nice to see these abuse cases finally getting some press, considering most of this shit has been public knowledge for years, but it will be short-lived, I’m sure…

Defrocked: Any Given Palm Sunday

In a clear indication that the Vatican continues to insist the stream of abuse revelations are part of a conspiracy the Pope said: “From God comes the courage not to be intimidated by petty gossip.”
Although he did not directly mention the crisis that has seen claims of abuse from Ireland, Germany, Austria, Holland and Brazil the 82 year old Pontiff’s message was evidently clear.
As he spoke, thousands of pilgrims who had gathered in a sunlit St Peter’s Square clapped and shouted “Viva il Papa” (Long Live The Pope). The scandals seemingly not to have had an impact on their faith.

…and that’s why nothing will change.

By the way, a few people asked me for a closer look at the cereal box featured in our last comic, so I’ve since edited the post so that you can see the entire box, created by regular reader and my good friend, Mo. Go check it out and laugh at the ridiculous amount of detail she put into that image.