Is Glenn Beck Stealing Stephen Colbert’s Schtick?

by Rich on 10/16/2009

in Politics

One thing we’ve addressed on the site before is the sincerity of punditry…and boy has it gotten us into a lot of shit. When we posted an old video of Rush Limbaugh freely admitting that he’s just an entertainer and much of what he says shouldn’t be taken seriously, we pissed off conservatives by simply holding him accountable for his own words and tactics. We, of course, are not the only ones who thought to do this. Just last week, Stephen Colbert did the same thing to Glenn Beck, with hilarious results…

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Beck is such a joke that he actually uses the same gimmicks that an admitted fake pundit does…he’s actually stealing from satire! That would be like George W. asking Will Ferrell for advice on how to deliver a speech…it’s mind-boggling that he’s gotten this far. He even did a comedy tour this past summer (which was nothing more than a big advertisement for his latest book, apparently), yet he gets visibly angry when his words are not taken seriously. As Colbert mentioned, Beck is pretty unclear as to whether he is strictly an entertainer or a news anchor bringing you the news he wants you to hear in his own “special” way, but one thing is abundantly clear – he isn’t good at either one.

Sure, he draws a huge audience…so does NASCAR, and we all know what intelligent discussion goes on at those events. If he was funny enough to be a comedian, he’d have his own sitcom or stand-up career. If he was intelligent enough to be a news reporter, he’d actually report the goddamn news (and on a real news channel, at that). Or if he’s supposed to be a “rodeo clown,” as he’s stated, then by all means, Glenn, go run out in front of an angry horse and take a few hooves to the head for all of us. To be fair, though, he is good at a few things – drinking excessively, getting addicted to drugs, dropping out of college, and getting divorced. Those are all family-friendly life experiences that give him the right to morally reprimand others on a daily basis, right?