Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Nail Glenn Beck on Health Care and his Fleeing Sponsors

by Rich on 09/18/2009

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The Daily Show never fails in catching news pundits double-talking whenever it suits their agendas, so it was only a matter of time before they caught Glenn Beck in a real doozy. Everyone, even the hardest conservative, knows the health care system needs dramatic change, but morons like Beck would rather be melodramatic than admit that the other side might be right on something…even if it would actually benefit themselves and their own families…

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And the drama continues on Colbert’s show, where he points out how Beck manages to consistently reach new levels of absurd hilarity…

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It’s hard to tell anymore if Beck has simply embraced right-wing extremism head-on or if he’s simply giving the people what they want, and what they want clearly isn’t the news, but an over-the-top performance that would rival Colbert’s own if it weren’t for the fact that his core audience isn’t in on the joke, but a part of it.